Face to face counselling

I provide counselling to people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress and other challenging situations.

Therapy can help you deal with your emotions and understand yourself and other people better.   It can help you feel more comfortable and able to deal with the world in a way you think it useful. Many of us have difficulties within our relationships both past and present and the confidential nature of therapy can help look at these in a useful manner.

At the initial consultation you can decide whether the quiet, comfortable environment I provide is to your taste.  We will discuss together your situation and how best to proceed, if that is what you want.

In this face to face or telephone meeting we will decide whether short term therapy is required, which can be anything from one session to six,   or longer term therapy which can be open ended but we would review your requirement for more therapy after every 6 weeks.

If you prefer, instead of a face to face session we can have a telephone call, lasting approximately 20 minutes.  This has no charge.

Psychotherapy is challenging however it can provide the support and respect you need at this point in your life.

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